Can I boil eggs in a rice cooker?

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Cool-Touch Rice Cooker Add 2 cups of water to the rice pot and set it into the cooker. Place eggs in a steamer tray and set in the rice pot. Close cooker lid. Start the cooker on the Steam function and set the timer: 11 minutes for SOFT boiled, 13 minutes for MEDIUM boiled, 15 minutes for HARD boiled.
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The good new is, yes, it's technically safe to leave your slow-cooker on and go about your day — as long as you are using the appliance correctly. ... To help you out, we rounded up some great tips to help you ensure you're using your slow-cooker safely and properly.
As a rice cooker is essentially a steamer it can cook meat. The best meats to cook in a rice cooker are soft thin meats such as chicken and fish. You can braise beef and thicker meats however you'll need a certain amount of water or some-sort of water-based liquid (ie. broth or stock)..
Electric Rice Cooker: Take 1 cup of Royal® Brown Basmati Rice and rinse twice to remove starch. Place rice and water in an electric rice cooker. Cover the cooker, turn it on and cook. Fluff with fork and serve..
Some can be left on for up to 24 hours, but most recommend eight to 12 hours. For exactly how many hours can food be left on warm in a slow cooker? Typically, it is safe to keep cooked food "warm" for one to four hours. The key is to make sure the temperature is in the safe zone, or 145°F or over.
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