Can you eat too much stir fry?

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Regardless of how healthy your stir fry is, you will not lose weight if you eat too many calories. ... Additional foods that you eat along with your stir-fries affect your weight loss. To cut calories, you can skip the rice and substitute a steamed vegetable such as broccoli..
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The Healthy Food Guide stir-fry sauce has only 260mg sodium. That's 83 per cent less sodium than the Wattie's sauce. ... The only sugar in the HFG sauce is a little in the soy sauce. Stir-fry sauces can be easy and economical to make, and if you're using our recipes they won't be too high in sodium or sugars..
Stir frying (Chinese: 炒.
For most noodles, this means cooking them for a few minutes in boiling water, but thinner noodles, like cellophane rice noodles, usually just need to be soaked. Young also notes that you'll get a better stir-fry if you shake the noodles after draining them in the colander until they're as dry as possible.
If you think you can't make a good stir-fry without a wok, think again. It's possible, and I've been doing it for years. All you need is one tool, and I'm sure you already have it in your kitchen. ... Instead, I rely on a large frying pan, or skillet, with slanted sides every time I make stir-fry.
Should you blanch broccoli before stir frying? Blanching broccoli is not necessary for stir frying, especially if you cut the florets small. If the florets are big they may take longer to cook in the wok, which may mean your chicken (or other veggies) gets overcooked.