Do you need to blanch chicken bones?

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Blanching and roasting are optional, I personally don't bother with either. If you're making white stock, you blanch the bones first to remove impurities. If you're making brown stock, you don't blanch the bones since you would've roasted them first..
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This is where the idea that bones add flavor to meat began. But bones contribute no significant flavor to meats cooked by dry cooking methods such as grilling, low and slow barbecue, oven roasting, or frying (frying is considered a dry method because there is no water).
Parboil the beef bones: Fill a large stockpot (about 12 quart capacity) with water and bring to rapid boil. Carefully lower in the bones. Wait until the water returns to a hard boil. Boil vigorously for 3 minutes to release the impurities.
How to Remove Pin Bones from Fish Fillets
  • Materials.
  • Locate the pin bones: Lay the fish fillet skin-side down (usually the flatter surface, if the fish is skinned) on your work surface. ...
  • Grab the tip of the bone: When you locate a pin bone, press the flesh next to the tip gently so that the bone pokes above the surface just slightly.
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