Does packaged gnocchi go bad?

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Yes, gnocchi can go bad. The cooking water got cloudy with the first batch. Te smell is probably from the vacuumed air that kept the gnocchi fresh in the first place. .
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All in all, traditional, store-bought gnocchi isn't particularly healthy, especially if paired with store-bought pasta sauces that are typically high in sugar and calories. You should enjoy gnocchi every once in a while, but we don't recommend making gnocchi a staple of your diet..
We like to pan-fry our pillowy-soft potato gnocchi after we've boiled them to give them a crisp outer layer. ... Once the gnocchi are done cooking, add them to the skillet and toss with the butter to coat. Allow the crust to form undisturbed for about five minutes. If needed, add a splash of cooking water to finish.
I made gnocchi last night and the end result the middle texture was too soft. I am thinking I added too much flour because I felt the dough was too sticky. The more you work them the stickier they get. ... Just rice the potatoes and mix it with flour and egg just to put them together and shape.
Do I need to boil gnocchi first before frying? The simple answer is NO. I've tried it this way a few times but it makes no difference to the cooking time (it actually takes longer because you have to boil them first) or the taste or quality. Simply toss them straight from the bag into a pan and fry.
High heat and lots of fat. You want to sear them very quickly so they do not have time to stick. Also keeping the pan in constant motion stops them from being in one place long enough to stick. We actually just made this crispy gnocchi with pesto last night..