Is Apple Puree the same as applesauce?

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Apple puree is a form of applesauce. While apple puree is always smooth, applesauce can be evenly blended or chunky. ... For thinner applesauce, water is added during the cooking process.
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If it's the consistency of applesauce, no ma'am! To check for doneness: Spoon out some of the apple butter, turn the spoon upside down. The apple butter should cling to the spoon without falling off right away. If it does fall off, continue cooking to remove more of the liquid.
Use 3 tablespoons of mashed banana or avocado, or the same amount of applesauce or pumpkin puree, in place of each egg. These add richness and flavor to your cornbread, but you have to be comfortable with their flavors.
Using one-fourth cup (about 65 grams) of applesauce can replace one egg in most recipes. It's best to use unsweetened applesauce. If you're using a sweetened variety, you should reduce the amount of sugar or sweetener in the recipe itself.
Whether you buy the baby food or make it yourself, texture and consistency are important. At first, babies should have finely puréed single-ingredient foods. (Just applesauce, for example, not apples and pears mixed together.) ... Around 6 months of age is a good time for your baby to try a cup..
Yogurt: Yogurt works as a substitute for applesauce. It has less fat, and your baked goods will have a thick and creamy texture. The moisture will be wonderful, and people love using yogurt as a substitute in baking.