Is there a way to test food for botulism?

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US researchers take a strip off botulism. A test strip that can detect botulism-causing toxins has been developed by US researchers. The test detects the toxin and not the bacteria and distinguishing between them is informative as some serotypes (such as A and B) are most commonly associated with the disease in humans.
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When produce such as cabbage or romaine lettuce is packed in vented packages, it deteriorates more quickly. ... botulinum is unable to produce toxin in shredded cabbage and cut romaine lettuce when stored at 4.4 or 12.7°C for up to 28 days. Toxin production is possible only under conditions of extreme temperature abuse.Mar 6, 1995.
Who is at risk for botulism? Everyone is at risk for foodborne botulism, especially those who eat home-canned, low-acid foods. Drug users, especially those who use black-tar heroin, may be at risk of wound botulism. Infants younger than 12 months who are fed honey are at risk of infant botulism..
More than 6 hours is needed to kill the spores at boiling temperature (212°F)..
If you made it yourself and used it immediately or froze it, there is little chance of botulism poisoning. If it was canned before use in your kitchen, botulism could be present. If it is commercially canned broth there is a very slight chance you might get botulism..
Despite its extreme potency, botulinum toxin is easily destroyed. Heating to an internal temperature of 85°C for at least 5 minutes will decontaminate affected food or drink..