What can I feed a maggot?

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The only British coarse fish that aren't really commonly associated with the maggot are pike and zander – they prefer to eat other fish, or our perfectly presented deadbaits or livebaits. Maggots are sold by the pint in most tackle shops. You can by half-pints if you so wish.
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The primary symptom is a painful swelling that "creeps" throughout the body as the first in star larvae migrate and look for suitable sites for its development. Wound myiasis: occurs as a result of egg deposition on decaying flesh or pus-discharging wounds.
Maggots can come out anytime, but you would suspect they only come out at night because their eggs cannot be easily seen. Flies lay their eggs and it hatches after 24 hours, so if many of them laid eggs in the morning, there's a chance they'd show up in the next morning.
The rice, ALL RICE has larvae in it. It's a symbiotic relationship. ... At room Temperature the larvae are in the rice, and will hatch, and become maggots, then they will escape the bag somehow and crawl around as maggots outside and become a cocoon and hatch into mini-moths and die. The rice is still edible..
Low temperatures are a good way to deter (and kill) maggots, so you shouldn't get them in a functional fridge. ... It's also important to keep the fly population down in your home, because of course they lay the eggs that produce the maggots.
The bottom bin having a large hole cut on top, while the top having smaller, filtered holes on the bottom. Food (waste) is then inserted and left into the top bin, where the flies will lay their eggs and produce maggots, shifting and separating into the bottom bin..