What is the biggest type of pasta?

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PappardellePappardelle is the largest of the ribbon-shaped pastas, and according to Barilla works best in a "thick rabbit ragu, but equally [as well in] a slow-cooked meat of any kind.
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The best substitute for pappardelle is Tagliatelle which is another egg pasta which is a little narrower in width. OR - You can use Fettuccine which is narrower yet..
Typically, pappardelle is made with an egg-based dough, making the pasta richer and fluffier, and the edges of the ribbons of pasta may be fluted or left straight, depending on the taste of the cook.
What is pappardelle? Pappardelle are long, flat and broad ribbons of (traditionally) egg pasta, that originate in Toscana (Tuscany), a region known for rich, intense – and generally meaty – sauces.
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