Which Mayo is dairy-free?

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Most mayo is dairy-free Although mayo is often mistaken for dairy, most mayo does not contain milk. Instead, most commercial brands of mayo are made using a mix of spices, egg yolks, and lemon juice or vinegar. Therefore, most forms of mayo are suitable for those following a dairy-free diet.Apr 15, 2019
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If your mayonnaise remains a bit thin after the initial whisking, or if it's broken and separated, whisk in two teaspoons of boiling water. The hot water will help the yolks to set and re-emulsify with the oil, bonding the ingredients back together again.Apr 6, 2017
If your mayonnaise suddenly turns into a liquid mess of oil and egg, don't panic. ... Cause: The oil was probably added too quickly, preventing it from forming small, stable droplets. Solution: For the broken mayonnaise, mixture into a measuring cup. Place 5 to 10 ml (1 to 2 teaspoons) of water in a bowl.