Which Starbucks drink has egg?

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Our Cloud Macchiato is light and airy with layers of fluffy foam*, cascading espresso, vanilla-flavored syrup and a drizzle of caramel served over ice. Experience a whole new cool way to love your iced macchiato.
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A macchiato is a much stronger coffee drink than a latte, offering more bold flavors and caffeine.Jun 9, 2020
Because the macchiato is usually made using just a small amount of milk, it has a much stronger flavor than other coffee drinks.Feb 14, 2020
But with a few simple substitutions, you can make just about any drink Skinny. One of my favorites is a Skinny Caramel Macchiato. ... You can still keep the caramel drizzle topping for a little added indulgence and have only about 110 calories.Jun 13, 2014
The difference between a caramel macchiato and a caramel latte is that a caramel macchiato is made by putting vanilla syrup, milk, foam, espresso, and then caramel syrup in a cup in that order. In a caramel latte, the order is caramel syrup, espresso, and milk (plus sometimes whipped cream).May 21, 2020