Are Hot Pockets already cooked?

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For those of you who don't know, a Hot Pocket is a frozen Pop-tart filled -- instead of with fruit -- with nasty meat and sauce. You're supposed to stick it in a microwave for a few minutes and let it cook/heat, and then it's supposedly edible. But it never actually is. ... "It's frozen.
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  • Place the frozen hot pocket in the air fryer basket. If cooking multiple hot pockets, spread out into a single even layer. No oil spray is needed.
  • Air Fry at 380°F/193°C for 10-13 minutes. If needed, flip the hot pocket over and cook for another 1-3 minutes.
  • These frozen little pockets are typically marketed towards kids, but they are hardly a healthy meal. Aside from the sugar and saturated fats that make up the roughly 300 calorie count per pocket, they also contain a handful of preservatives, additives, and modified substances.
    Hot Pockets, Pepperoni Pizza, 4.5 oz, 17 ct..
    Some of them have a longer shelf life but nothing "dangerous" happens to them if at room temperature or a few days or a week or two. (One good thing about storing so much stuff in the 'fridge is that when the power goes off, it all helps to conserve the cool environment!).
    Form the crescent into a more oval shape and carefully lower into the hot oil. Just do one at a time and keep them rolling and turning so they cook evenly. They'll take about five minutes each and are done once they have a pleasing toasted look.