Can you eat potatoes with black spots?

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The moldy looking spots are a more serious condition that can develop from the bruises, called fusarium. The potatoes are still safe to eat, just cut the spots away. If there is an extensive amount of Fusarium, this can give the potatoes an off flavor..
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No, they are really not. That's called decomposition. They dont look like mold, theres no texture on the dots and they seem to be part of the skin..
Rust occurs in most home gardens on corn but is seldom a serious problem. It is caused by various species of the fungus Puccinia and causes raised, brick red spots primarily on upper leaf surfaces. Plant corn early and avoid letting plants get under stress from drought.
Be wary of eating mushrooms that are blemished. When it comes to food safety, discoloration is never a good sign. Bruises and brown or black spots are among the first signs that your mushrooms are going bad. ... If your mushrooms are covered with dark spots, just throw them in the garbage..
Black Spots on Shrimp This does not signify spoilage or the presence of bacteria. Instead, these black spots are caused by an enzymatic reaction between naturally occurring amino acids and sunlight. Shrimp with melanosis on the shell are still safe to eat.
The site says the longer cauliflower is stored the more likely it is to oxidize and discolor. ... It's also suggested you store the cauliflower upside down to keep moisture from forming on the sprout tips. Ultimately, If the dark spots bother you, feel free to cut them off and enjoy a blemish free vegetable.